Cakes & Muffins

Whether it’s a muffin with our caffe lattes, a carrot cake with our Americanos, or a scone with our cup of tea, we just love to indulge in that soft and delicious pleasure!

We’re not into skimpy little portions either. If you’re going to do something, do it properly – get yourself a big slab of traditional Victoria sponge, or a satisfying wedge of carrot cake. Have your chocolate fudge cake warm with cream and live a little! Our abundant displays of traditionally baked cakes, all made from ingredients that you can pronounce, are a metaphor for our approach to life. Hearty, generous, warm and friendly. Be at home in Rhode Island Coffee, and indulge like you would at your Grandma’s.


Fudge Cake


Vic Sponge Lemon Loaf