Our Food

We love cakes!

Whether it’s a muffin with our caffe lattes, a carrot cake with our Americanos, or a scone with our cup of tea, we just love to indulge in that soft and delicious pleasure!

We’re not into skimpy little portions either. If you’re going to do something, do it properly – get yourself a big slab of traditional Victoria sponge, or a satisfying wedge of carrot cake. Have your chocolate fudge cake warm with cream and live a little! Our abundant displays of traditionally baked cakes, all made from ingredients that you can pronounce, are a metaphor for our approach to life. Hearty, generous, warm and friendly. Be at home in Rhode Island Coffee, and indulge like you would at your Grandma’s.

Grab a sandwich!

Our Sandwiches are finely crafted handmade specimens. We couldn’t have won the Coffee Bar Sandwich Retailer of the Year Award from the British Sandwich Association with anything less!

Everything that goes into our sandwiches is carefully selected to provide the best flavour balance and the enduring, consistent character which you, our customers love. Even the butter used on the wedge sandwiches has gone through several incarnations before we found
the right one!

Hot Panini!

We’ve been serving hot melt Panini and Ciabatti for many years now, so we know a thing or two about preparing them. We use a whole variety of cheeses, including Emmenthal, Mozarella, Monterey Jack and Somerset Cheddar, and we always finish the bread baking process on our state of the art contact grills while you sit enjoying your beverage.

At Rhode Island, you’ll find the hearty, uncomplicated, traditional flavours which we love to eat, and which we all come back to time and time again. Our Santa Fe Melt, for instance, is a sumptuous combination of flaked tuna, mature cheddar and red onion on French Panini bread. Simple and delicious.