The Beans

The lovely beans that make up our House Blend.

Our House Blend comes from 5 different countries – Brazil, Central America, East Africa, Ethiopia and India. We buy all of our coffee from a local roaster, who purchases coffee on long term contracts, which guarantee a fair price and long term security for the growers. 

Our blend is a medium dark roast comprising of high quality Arabica (85%) and Robusta (15%) beans. The Arabica beans (Brazil, Central America, East Africa and Ethiopia) are what gives the espresso a dark chocolate and toffee sweetness which is low in acidity. The Robusta bean (India) is the bean that gives the espresso a everlasting taste and the caffeine kick which is ideal for us in England – it gets you going in Summer, and keeps you going in Winter!

Our decaf beans are from Brazil they are a light to medium roast espresso with caramel sweetness and low fruity acidity, making for a well balanced espresso that tastes superb. All of the flavour without the caffeine kick.

There are a number of methods to remove the caffeine from the bean – we favour the Methylene Chloride process as it removes all the caffeine but retain the flavour.