Our Coffee

We are all easy going, fun loving people…

But we do take our coffee seriously! Our Baristi spend hours, days and weeks training to serve you the perfect cup. We base our methods on the World Barista Championship standards, and there is no set time that barista is given to learn their art. It takes as long as it takes. When people are allowed to go solo on the coffee machine, they can perfectly sweet-spot the espresso and created luxuriously textured milk. They’ll also be well on their way to creating latte art. Ask your Barista to demonstrate! The espresso machines we use have been used at the world barista championships, and are probably the best in the world today.

The Espresso machines we use are some of the best in the world today, and have been used in the prestigious World Barista and SCAE Competitions. Even the humble tampers, used to compress the coffee grounds to the correct density for perfect espresso, are handmade in the workshops of Mr. Reg Barber, renowned the world over for his innovation and exacting attention to detail. We don’t compromise!